EDHEC is proud to invite you to the Graduate Programme Day 2019!


Companies in 2018

This event was a fantastic way to make an immediate impact at EDHEC. We were able to present our company to over 200 students who had never heard of us before!

AlphaSights UK


The EDHEC Graduate Programme Day is the key event to recruit top talent for your Graduate Programme.
This half-day event provides a unique opportunity to showcase your organisation while networking with a diverse pool of high-calibre students who are motivated to join a graduate programme.

This event is an excellent way for you to:

  • → Connect with top EDHEC talent
  • → Improve the branding and generate visibility about your graduate programmes on campus
  • → Offer information and advice to students
  • → Build a pipeline of talent for your hiring needs


Johanna LEROY | Corporate Event Manager



An innovative and dynamic format which has enabled us to present our graduate programme and to meet students.


The diversity of participating companies and the opportunity to meet both HR and current graduates. 


Student, MSc in Global Business

I think it was great that these companies took time to come to our campus to present their programs and showed interested in accepting EDHEC Students.

Student, MSc in Marketing Management

A great opportunity to meet students who are specifically interested in Graduate Programmes! Congratulation for this great and one-of-a-kind initiative!


Presentation of Graduate Programme and exchange with students. Very well organised.

Microsoft France,

Discover new companies I didn't know before and where I finally applied.

Student, MSc in Strategy, Consultancy & Digital Transformation

Planning of the day


Company arrival & welcome



Lunch (Campus Restaurant - Brasserie)



Arrival at the amphitheatre



1st Plenary Session (lecture hall)

Pitch your GP!
Each company will have 3 minutes to present its Graduate Programme. Companies can choose their presentation format (Video, dynamic Power Point,...)

Share your experience! (HR + young talent)
In groups of 6 companies, you will have to answer questions*.


2nd Plenary Session (repeated)

Pitch your GP!
Share your experience! (HR + young talent)
The students who were in lecture hall 1 from 2:00pm till 3:10pm pass in lecture hall 2 from 3:20pm till 4:30pm and conversely.



Meet your talent! (HR + young talent)
Meet and exchange with students


*Questions to the Human Resources: The prerequisite to apply? The graduate Programme specificities? The recruitment process? The growth perspectives after the Graduate Programme and how it helps as a career accelerator? What are the key points that will make the difference and allow students to be recruited?

*Questions to the young talents: Why did you choose this GP? In which way do you feel yourself as Young Talent? Tell us about your experiences, your daily life. If you have to choose one argument to convince students to apply for this GP, what would it be?


EDHEC Master Profiles

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Business Management

Business Management Track
Lille Campus


Business Management Track caters to those eyeing a career in strategy consulting, international management, entrepreneurship, marketing, and arts, social innovation and media management.


8 Masters of Sciences (MSc):






EDHEC Lille Campus
327 rue Verte,
59170 Croix | France


Getting here


By train
From Paris:
the TGV operates high speed trains from Paris to Lille. We recommend the following schedule:
→ Departure: Paris Nord at 10:46 – Arrival Lille Flandres Station at 11:48
→ Return: Lille Flandres station at 18:41 – Arrival Paris Nord 19:44


From London:
The Eurostar operates several services from London to Lille. We recommend the following schedule:
→ Departure: London St Pancras International at 08:55 – Arrival Lille Europe Station at 11:26
→ Return: Lille Europe Station at 19:35 – Arrival London St Pancras International at 19:57

We would be happy to book a taxi for you upon your arrival to the train station, and for your return journey. If you would like to book a taxi please send an email to johanna.leroy@edhec.edu with your name, your mobile phone number and your time of arrival.

By car
Entrance: EDHEC – 372 rue Verte – 59170 Croix
Please inform johanna.leroy@edhec.edu who will reserve a parking space.



Would you like to enhance your on-campus presence and strengthen your employer brand with advertising material for students?

Please send your materials (e.g. banners, POS displays, swag, etc.) before Friday, 22 November to the following address:


EDHEC – Johanna Leroy
24 Avenue Gustave Delory
CS 50411
59057 Roubaix Cedex 1


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Air Liquide




General Mills



Ignition Program

Keyrus Management









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Johanna Leroy

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