Written on 21 July 2015.

Testimonial from David Chreng, MSc Corporate Finance / Summer Rates Valuation Analyst, Barclays Capital, UK (summer 2013) and Graduate Programme with Goldman Sachs UK (September 2014)

“The job market in Financial Services has experienced a serious contraction, resulting in strong competition among recent graduates and the increase of the exigency of investment banks. The selection process for graduates in London starts with a “screening” phase on line together with numerical and reasoning tests. Do not underestimate these tests; they are the main screen-out tool! A benchmark is done automatically based on your score, so my advice to you is this: train hard, be calm while you take the test, avoiding the end of the day when you are usually more tired, and do not take risks, aim for a 100% final score.

The screening phase involves usually « competency based questions ». Take time to prepare your answers, these questions are very similar to those you will face in the interview. My advice to master this phase is to prepare well and to maximize your network (i.e. friends, student club members, family, etc.) in particular that of the EDHEC alumni. They are an excellent resource to learn about the culture of the company, the responsibilities, the demands of the job, and the specific skills required for each division. This will show your motivation and interest in investment banking. A last piece of advice, do not copy-paste your answers from one application to another, as generic answers are quickly identified by HR!”

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