Written on 15 April 2015.

While the career preferences of our students in terms of companies, functions, or locations tend to change slightly from year to year, one thing remains constant: their interest in joining a graduate programme. This is because graduate programmes offer recent grads exactly what they look for: a fast track for high potentials, international mobility, diversity of missions, and the opportunity to acquire new skills and grow.*

Aware of how competitive the recruitment processes are, especially in Financial Services, the EDHEC Career Centre launched in 2014 the first edition of the “Graduate Programme Track”, an initiative aimed at providing students with training and personalised support from their Master 1 and throughout their Gap Year and Master 2.

Our main objective: help students follow the right steps and enter the process at its earliest stage, which in investment banking includes the insight weeks and the summer internships.

This track, which is now in its second edition, is by invitation only and offered to students with a strong motivation to do what it takes to land a graduate programme in banking or industry.

The Graduate Programme Track includes customised on-and off-campus training, individual counselling and follow up, personalised correction of the application package, mock interviews and soft-skills seminars and assessment. All this, on top of the regular career services provided to all EDHEC students.

Getting hired through a Graduate Programme is more selective than ever and in that respect EDHEC Business School students hold a competitive advantage compared to their peers. Indeed they combine a solid knowledge of finance fundamentals with practical interview trainings in both technical and soft skills. For example, in 2015, EDHEC was the top French Business School for Spring Weeks placement in Investment Banks which is the first crucial step leading to securing a full time Graduate Programme position.

While it is still too early to evaluate the final results of the track (the first “GP Trackers” will graduate in June 2016) we are already proud of some preliminary results: 18 students in the 2014 track joined a spring week (a 600% increase from the previous year!) and 27 offers for insight weeks were made to the 2015 track.

*EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre, The Paradox with Retaining Young Talent, October 2014

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