Written on 17 April 2014.

Nespresso France executives Nathalie Gonzalez, marketing director, and Martine Varieras, director of Operations, discussed customer service management with students.


Quality coffees, elegant espresso machines, excellent customer service, and George Clooney have made Nespresso one of the most popular brands in the Western world. EDHEC MSc in Marketing students got the scoop on the impressive evolution of the brand from Nespresso executives Martine Varieras and Nathalie Gonzalez during a recent lecture on the Lille campus.

Nespresso is known for its high-quality coffee, but it also aims to deliver an extraordinary customer experience; one that puts the client at the centre of every commercial transaction. Ms Varieras, director of operations for Nespresso France, said the relationship between employees and customers is close by design (80 percent of employees have direct contact with clients) because it keeps them hyper-focused on client needs.

Nespresso has also developed a shopping experience that is highly-flexible. Customers can shop on-line, by telephone, or in a boutique. The brand recently launched a new smart phone app which adds yet another shopping option. “You have to make it easy – you have to create a situation where the Nespresso Club member feels like they can do whatever they want,” said Ms Gonzalez, vice president marketing for Nespresso France.

The Nespresso lecture was organised by EDHEC Professor Jean-Pierre Dolait, a former vice president of marketing who often invites high-ranking business professionals to his classes. Lectures such as the one presented by Nespresso are just another example of how EDHEC helps students to discover and prepare for the real world of business. That’s the EDHEC for Business difference. 

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