Written on 23 July 2021.

With 7,200 candidates this year, EDHEC was once again much sought-after by students passing the BCE 2021 entrance exam for grandes écoles, thereby confirming the School’s regular progress in the SIGEM ranking since 2017.

The choices made by candidates vindicate the strategy of selective growth pursued by the School for many years and based strictly on the promotion of excellence. In 2020, 80% of French candidates admitted to EDHEC’s Master in Management programme originated from economic, literary and scientific preparatory classes and from ENS D1/D2, thus making EDHEC the only prestigious French business school to recruit from all these avenues of excellence for the first year of its Master in Management.

The balance of withdrawals between the two schools vindicates edhec’s strategic choices

The balance of withdrawals between EDHEC and EM Lyon marks an unprecedented shift towards EDHEC in the preferences of candidates originating from preparatory classes. Overall, 325 candidates preferred EDHEC to EM Lyon in 2021, triple the 112 recorded in 2019.

These preferences testify to the School’s growing appeal. In addition to its status as one of the world leaders in finance, EDHEC is demonstrating its excellence in other fields, such as in entrepreneurship, where the School now runs the second-largest partner programme at the Station F start-up campus and is extending its international reach through a partnership with Berkeley Skydeck, in multi-disciplinary research, via the creation of the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute focused on legal issues, and in terms of pedagogical innovation, as showcased by the GETT (Global Economic Transformation & Technology) programme which provides students with training of excellence on three continents. These wide-ranging initiatives are underpinned by a sustainable business model, guaranteed by the School’s official status as a not-for-profit association acting in the public interest.

“In the prevailing period of uncertainty, candidates are faced with a crucial choice. Our rich portfolio of programmes founded on complementarity of disciplines and partnerships of excellence, such as that with Ecole des Mines ParisTech, together with the quality of our careers service, which has scored highly in all recent surveys, and the entrepreneurial opportunities offered on our campuses and at Station F and Berkeley, are all strengths that combine with our solid business model to exert a pronounced impact on candidates’ decisions”

underlines Emmanuel Métais, Dean of EDHEC Business School.


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Understanding the SIGEM ranking 

The SIGEM ranking is the benchmark ranking for prestigious business schools in France. After their years of preparatory classes, candidates passing the BCE exam rank their preferred choices of business schools on the SIGEM site. The SIGEM ranking shows which schools are the most sought-after.


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