Written on 06 February 2015.

EDHEC offers students the opportunity to follow the MSMS program at the prestigious MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Boston in their final year of studies (Master 2).

After three months spent at MIT Sloan School of Management, Maria Tomic (EDHEC, double degree) is fully aware of the privilege assigned by EDHEC to study for a year in this unique universe. Maria has already had the opportunity to attend lectures by Nobel Prize, to go to classes where the speakers were CEOs of companies studied, and meet brightest students with various specialisations.

Maria tells us more …

Why did you join EDHEC Business School ?

I joined EDHEC because of its emphasis on research and its top ranking among French and international business schools. Moreover, I was really keen on joining an association and EDHEC is the business school that counts most of the top 10 associations in France.

How was your student life experience on the Lille campus ?

During my two years on the Lille campus, I would spend most of my time either working for my association Star’EC, preparing for my classes or simply taking some time off to enjoy the sporting facilities and spend some quality time with my friends. During my second year, I also undertook the challenge of taking the CFA exams and I can proudly say that I am currently a level 2 candidate.

What is your professional experience ? (internship, Gap Year …)

Regarding my professional experience in France, I did an internship at Allianz Real Estate in the communications department as well as an internship at BNP Paribas Wealth Management in the Investment Fund Advisory team. The latter made me realise how passionate I was about the mutual fund industry and taught me a lot, from a technical as well as human standpoint.

Why did you choose to study abroad in the MSMS program at the MIT Sloan School ?

Having discovered a passion for investing during a prior internship, my long-term career objective is to improve failing economies through corporate social responsibility (CSR), an innovative principle which advances management practices towards social good. Considering this mission, I decided to pursue a masters in the US, the epicenter of entrepreneurship, where I can immerse myself in a more collaborative environment than the one I’ve explored in Europe.
The MSMS Program with its diverse perspectives and unparalleled access to resources such as its Sustainability Lab and its finance professors who have won Nobel Prizes was therefore the perfect place. The collaborative American managerial style and MIT’s mission aligns ideally with my personality and professional background.

How this program is preparing you for a global career ?

The program gives me the opportunity to acquire specialised knowledge in the more technical aspects of financial instruments and asset management. The premier education and diverse perspectives of the Master of Science in Management Studies curriculum allow me to deepen my expertise in portfolio management with classes in investments or options and futures markets, as well as address areas where I have less experience, such as computing for business research and advanced derivatives. 
Moreover, MIT has a unique alumni network that helps me connect with experts in the industry I would like to work in.

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