Written on 21 July 2015.

If you are interested in large multinationals or in investment banks and have been looking at their career websites or talking to their young employees, you have probably come across words such as “graduate programmes”, “rotational programmes”, “traineeship programmes”.

The graduate programme is a recruiting scheme used by companies to hire recent graduates and develop them for future leadership roles.

Graduate programmes make it possible for the participant to discover the culture of the company and to get to know its organization through the assignment of several positions in different areas, subsidiaries or countries, and include constant evaluation, technical training, coaching and mentoring. But most importantly, they allow young graduates to launch an international career and access a fast track to managerial positions.

All these benefits come with a catch: graduate programmes are usually associated with elaborate recruiting processes devised to comply with extremely demanding entry requirements. In fact, the selection process is very competitive but also very transparent. Limited numbers of students coming from the best academic institutions are selected every year, but companies also make the effort to explain the requirements and the entire process on their websites, where they also provide tips on how to prepare. So don’t apply to a graduate programme unless you are really well prepared!

Graduate programmes also have strict application deadlines, typically in November for Investment Banking and in January or February for Industry. And remember you need to apply early since sometimes processes are discontinued once vacancies have been filled.

If you have read all the above and are still excited by the challenge, graduate programmes are definitely for you! Go to the articles below to get more information on the recruitment cycle, the desired profiles, and how to get ready to land a graduate job.

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