Written on 02 July 2014.

As every year, EDHEC Business School held a talent management event last month (June 2014) exclusively for our Employer Partners globally, first in London then in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.  This is done for two reasons; the first is to be able to bring the global EDHEC community together around a relevant talent management topic.  The second reason is that, through this value added ‘mini Executive MBA’ session, we hope to show our gratitude to EDHEC’s Employer Partners for their engagement throughout the year by sharing some of EDHEC’s strategic HR expertise.


This year the topic at hand was retention, which is particularly pertinent in Asia.  Monique Valcour, Professor of Management at EDHEC Business School, took the audience through many reasons why employees stay at their firms and stay engaged.  She also outlined the findings from Google’s ‘Project Oxygen’, which demonstrates how important the managers’ role is in any retention strategy and that the number one desirable quality in a manager is to be a ‘Good Coach’.


To further illustrate this concept, the talent management workshop ended with a dyad exercise where pairs were able to experience the power of coaching first hand.  After the sessions, the attendees had a chance to network and further share their own insights about retention which is such a key talent management issue.  Our hope is that the attendees were able to communicate and implement immediately some of the key concepts from the sessions within the context of their own organisations.

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