Written on 10 February 2016.

Bringing Research Insights to Institutional Investment Professionals

15-16 March 2016, The Brewery, London

Passive Investment and Smart Beta Conference
The Development of Passive Investment in Europe
Smart Beta Risk Allocation Solutions
Smart Beta & ALM  
Factor-Based Investment Strategies
Active Manager Substitution with Smart Beta
Robustness and Live Performance of Smart Beta

Institutional Money Management Conference
New Frontiers in Retirement Solutions
Multi-Dimensional Risk and Performance Analysis
Multi-Asset Allocation Solutions
Hedge Fund Investing

Infrastructure Forum
Latest research results on infrastructure investing
from the EDHEC Infrastructure Investment Institute
How do Investors invest in Infrastructure?


Organised by an academic research centre for the benefit of professionals, the EDHEC-Risk Days is an annual conference taking place in London, which presents the research conducted by EDHEC-Risk Institute and EDHEC Business School, and discusses it with the institutional investment and fund manager communities.

The conference enables participants to have access to the latest conceptual advances and research results in investment and risk management, and to discuss their implications and applications with researchers who combine expertise of advanced financial techniques with a sound awareness of their industry relevance.

The event is structured to appeal to institutional investors, traditional and alternative investment managers and policy-makers. The conference includes three major events that will allow professionals to review major industry challenges, explore state-of-the-art investment techniques and benchmark practices to research advances.

On Day One, the Passive Investment and Smart Beta Conference will focus on passive investment and smart beta strategies. The latest research results on smart beta risk allocation solutions, factor-based investment strategies, robustness and live performance of smart beta as well as current misconceptions in smart beta investing will be presented. The conference will also be the occasion to discover the results of the latest European ETF survey.

On Day Two, the Institutional Money Management Conference will present research of great interest to institutional investors on new frontiers in retirement solutions, multi-dimensional risk and performance analysis, hedge fund investing and multi-asset allocation solutions.

Day Two will also include the Infrastructure Forum presenting the latest research results on infrastructure investing from the EDHEC Infrastructure Investment Institute. The forum will open with a round table including the participation of industry experts and will look at how investors invest in infrastructure.

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