Written on 10 February 2016.

“Attracting, retaining and integrating star millennial talent”

We are pleased to invite you to the EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre Breakfast for recruiters and talent managers. This event unites HR professionals from the top employers of our students in order to create a forum of exchange around what new research EDHEC has done and talent retention topics that are front of mind.

Every organisation competes to attract young, innovative, high-potential talent, but with millennials staying in any one job an average of only 18 months, few companies successfully retain the Gen Y rockstars of today who will become the business leaders of tomorrow.

Join us for a breakfast on 14th March, where EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre Director, Manuelle Malot, will present insights from the Centre’s comprehensive three-part study on the difficulty of retaining young talent. Completed exclusively with millennial talent, study findings shed light on what makes high-potential Gen Y talent go, and how you can make them stay.

March 14 @ 8 h 00 min – 10 h 00 min

About the NewGen Talent Centre :
The NewGen Talent Centre is a hub from which to observe the latest generations at work and a laboratory for creating ties between recent graduates and companies.
Objective: To restore the allure to ties between business and recent generations by promoting connections between the two. The NewGen Talent Centre is a -3/+3 hub at which higher education, the latest generations and companies meet.
Conviction: To encourage the early involvement of companies in higher education (-3) and give the school incentives to see to it that recent graduates move successfully into multinational companies (+3).
Legitimacy: Our experience mentoring recent graduates since 1995 and with corporate graduate programmes. The existence of the -3/+3 hub at EDHEC, from spotting potential talent to retaining it, from getting companies involved in admissions interviews to exploring corporate graduate programmes. Career services administrators at EDHEC have perfected selection criteria for admissions interviews and are responsible for competitive admissions at master’s level.


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