A high performing organisation can see what is on the horizon, reacting and adapting to the environment before the competition. In today's fast-changing and complex world, talent acquisition is key. Businesses world-wide need high potential talent, with a global mindset, ready to make an impact on day one. EDHEC students and graduates can deliver just that.

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Our Talent

Born curious, Trained to lead, Globally minded, Laser focused



EDHEC is one of the most selective business schools in the world. As a Grande Ecole, competition is intense and standards are exceptionally high. Students demonstrate and draw upon not only intellectual horsepower but also creative problem-solving skills and the ability to think on their feet.



EDHEC emphasises a team-based approach to learning and working, both in and out of the classroom. In addition to working as teams throughout the course of their education, they independently organise events, clubs, and more.



EDHEC students are more experienced than most candidates you will meet. That is because EDHEC programme includes one to two years of real-world experience, and coursework fine-tuned to be immediately applicable to the challenges your business faces in the new economy.



As part of the EDHEC programme, students work in at least two countries before graduation. Nearly all are bilingual. And everyone has global experience in which very few business school students have. They are from everywhere and ready to go anywhere.


Internship Calendar

Our students actively look for opportunities all year round

Summer Internships


BBA 1, 2, 3
Masters Students

Gap Year Internships

Up to 12 months
(2 x 6 months)

BBA 3, 4
Masters 1 Students

End Of Studies Internships

6 months
BBA 4 & Master 2 students

Graduate Programme

BBA 4 &
Master 2 Students

Send all your internship and job offers to [email protected].
We will post them on our job board and share them with our students.

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Placement Reports

EDHEC graduates managed to fully embrace the global job market trends as evidenced by a placement reflecting a strong diversity of backgrounds and objectives and by securing their first jobs in a wide spectrum of sectors and functions all over the world.
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